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Disney’s All Star Music Suites

How to Enjoy a Multi-Family Stay at Disney’s All Star Music Suites!

allstar movies suite

I recently did my first stay at the family suites in the All Star Music resort at Walt Disney World. It was an interesting experience for a couple of reasons.

  1. I have never stayed at all All Star Resort before and never stayed in any of disney’s family suites.
  2. We were staying with another family – same suite.

So based on this, I have some information and short review to give you if you’re instead in splitting the cost of a stay with another family by using one of these suites! Read on for more!

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Walt Disney World Ferrytale Wishes Cruise: A Review


Ferrytale wishes cruise fireworks

Photopass picture from Cruise in February

Disney special events………oh how many there are! Many of these revolve around food and a special experience for just a few people. They cost money……extra money. Are they worth it? I hope to answer that question for you here regarding this particular experience. Read on!

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How to tour the parks: Anatomy of a Park Bag

anatomy of a park bag pin

How to Pack your Park Bag Like a Pro!

Ever wondered what exactly you need to bring into the parks with you? Want to make sure you have everything you need but aren’t weighed down? Well, have no fear, I have a solution for you. As a frequent visitor of the parks, I have this down to a science. I have an infographic for you to make this even easier within the post. I must add that this is mainly for younger folks and single/married people without children. If you have children, you will need to bring extra items for their needs either:

  1. On their stroller
  2. In their diaper bag/backpack and place on their rented stroller


Without further ado, here’s the list!

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Disney Gear: The Brita Filter Bottle


Brita Filter Bottle

Brita Filter Bottle

This is a series I’m going to start on items that I need/love/use when going on trips to the parks. This one is about a new gadget (if I can call it that) which I recently discovered was super valuable for long days at the parks – the Brita filter bottle. Read on for more…..

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