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Just How Magic Are Magic Bands? Disney’s Shaking More Pixie Dust on Them Every Day!

The Real Power of Magic Bands

Magic Bands – Walt Disney Worlds Power tool

Just How Magic Are Magic Bands? Disney’s Shaking More Pixie Dust on Them Every Day!

This post is all about the almighty magic band. I’m learning day by day with each foray into the parks just how powerful these babies are. It seems that Disney is adding more and more functionality to them all the time. They really are something you NEED to have now when touring the parks to make your vacation as seamless as possible. Trust me, I was the biggest skeptic of them all when they debuted but I’m now on the bandwagon and trying to drive it! I’ve found that not only do they make my vacation easier but it keeps me worry free and literally lighter as I’m touring. Let me tell you all the magic they create for you….

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Planning Is Half The Fun! Disney Playlists To Get You In The ‘Mood’

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Planning Is Half The Fun! Disney Playlists To Get You In The ‘Mood’

If you’re like me, you have two modes:

  1. On a Disney Trip
  2. Planning a Disney Trip

Therefore, planning is part of the fun! I absolutely love reading the Dis boards (my favorite Disney message boards) for inspiration, listening to podcasts about disney, and listening to Disney music. Of course, I also love planning our days. I love all this so much, I formed my own Etsy site around all this! Today I want to focus on one particular piece of this – the playlist. I love my Disney playlist and listen to it when I’m planning away for inspiration. Keep reading for the Playlist!

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Universal Dining Plan: A Review

universal dining plan

Price comparison for Universal Dining Plan

Universal Dining Plan: A Review

I recently went to Universal Studios using my annual pass and decided to try out their dining plan. This is relatively new and new to me. I had a very positive experience with it and wanted to talk a little about it and compare/contrast it to Disney’s dining plan. Being a Disney veteran, it’s the dining plan I’m much more familiar with, so I didn’t have high expectations for universal but I must say it highly exceeded those! Read on for more!

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How to tour the parks: Anatomy of a Park Bag

anatomy of a park bag pin

How to Pack your Park Bag Like a Pro!

Ever wondered what exactly you need to bring into the parks with you? Want to make sure you have everything you need but aren’t weighed down? Well, have no fear, I have a solution for you. As a frequent visitor of the parks, I have this down to a science. I have an infographic for you to make this even easier within the post. I must add that this is mainly for younger folks and single/married people without children. If you have children, you will need to bring extra items for their needs either:

  1. On their stroller
  2. In their diaper bag/backpack and place on their rented stroller


Without further ado, here’s the list!

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Free Disney Printable Word Cloud

Disney Word Art

Disney Word Art

Got a nice short post for you all today but one I hope everyone will enjoy – free printables!!! Yay for that! I found a site I really love for making these, and it’s called It’s super easy to make your own stuff there and it looks super awesome. You cannot sell your works you create on this site but can use it for personal use. Read on for what I created….

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Disney Gear: The Brita Filter Bottle


Brita Filter Bottle

Brita Filter Bottle

This is a series I’m going to start on items that I need/love/use when going on trips to the parks. This one is about a new gadget (if I can call it that) which I recently discovered was super valuable for long days at the parks – the Brita filter bottle. Read on for more…..

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Planning for Disney: Disney Basics Part Two – Choosing a Disney Resort

Disney Basics

Second post in the disney basics series! This one is on how to choose a Disney resort! I have another two free printables for you guys with this one as well. I’ve divided out all the different types of resorts with the benefits, costs, and amenities of each. Keep reading for more…..

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