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 Welcome to the Site!

This page is designed to help you navigate the site. I have set the site up to be fairly easy to navigate but if you get lost, this page should help you get re-oriented fairly easily. I have images of the site below with annotations on how to use each section. Frankly, I think these will be most useful to everyone here. For those of you who aren’t visual learners, I’m going to talk though some of the site features really quickly here:

  • The Top Menu: Each post is tagged with a category and will fall into each menu depending on its content. Surfing the menu is probably the easiest and quickest way to get to the content you’re looking for.
  • There is a search bar in the top right to allow you to search what you’re looking for.
  • Links: I have Links to FB and youtube at the top right under the search box. Though I don’t have them now, there will be very helpful youtube videos coming that will help with vacation planning!
  • See the screenshot below for all these features!

Annotated Screenshot of the Blog
  • All posts will be on the blog in reverse chronological order. This is a good place to browse for recent additions.
  • I have links to helpful sites on the left with my description of what I love about the site.
  • There is a Tag cloud on the right which allows you to click on frequently used tags quickly and easily. You will see all posts related to that tag.
  • I have a link to my ETSY site on the right. I sell a lot of great planning resources on my ETSY site there.

start here 2

Annotated Screenshot of my Blog

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