FuelRod at Disney World

fuel rod

Don’t know if you guys have heard yet but Disney has a new way to keep your devices charged. It’s called Fuelrod and it’s the BEST 30 dollars you’ll ever spend at Walt Disney World! Read on for more info!

What is it?

Fuel Rod is unique. It’s provided by a third party company and is both a product and service in one. It’s a power bank – essentially – that will take your phone from dead to 60% in one charge. Each fuel rod comes with the actual power bank, a cable, and instructions. Once you purchase one for 30 dollars (only once), you can exchange the fuel rod as many times as you want for a fully charged one. This is FREE; it comes along with your initial purchase.

Why should I get it?

At disney world, it’s very difficult to keep a cell phone charged. You are using the Disney app, and perhaps texting or calling family members to find out where they are. You’re taking pictures, uploading them and checking facebook on long lines. This wears your phone down fast. Charging stations or outlets are few and far between, leaving patrons with portable batteries/power banks as their only option. With Fuel rod, you can go to any kiosk on property, switch out your dead ‘rod’ and get a fully charged one. You can do this over and over and over again! This keeps your phone charged all day and you didn’t have to remember to charge a power bank or battery overnight. It’s just so EASY!

Where do I get a full rod?

At any kiosk on property. They are automated machines so the line is very short if there is one. They are located in certain sections on property. Here’s where:

Magic Kingdom

  • Tomorrowland Light and Power Co.
  • Big Top Souvenirs
  • Peco Bill’s
  • Curtain Call Collectibles


  • Disney Traders

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • Celebrity 5 & 10

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • Island Mercantile

Disney Springs

  • Marketplace Disney Photo Imaging


ESPN Wide World of Sports

  • ESPN Clubhouse Shop

Do I have to buy it at Disney? Can I use it elsewhere?

No, you don’t have to buy it at disney. As long as you’ve purchased a fuel rod, you can exchange it at any kisok. You can even buy one on their website or any other kisok location (they have them in airports, malls, etc…) Visit their website here for details on buying: FuelRod

What do I think?

I love it! I really agree that this is the best 30 dollars you can spend on property. We bought one to share between two cell phone users. We will charge one device, drain the rod, and then exchange and charge the second device. We have exchanged this soooo many times since we bought it and I love not having to worry about charging a spare battery the night before a Disney visit. The exchange process couldn’t be more simple, fast or easy than it is.

I also love that this is a company that has many locations; so you’re not just limited to using these at Disney. I have even had conversations with cast members that use these and they love them just as much as I do!

fuel rod

My fuel rod that I purchased at Epcot


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