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Essential Disney Gear: The Yeti Rambler

Yeti Rambler Cooler

Yeti Rambler

I love talking about Gadgets, gear, and items that make Disney more enjoyable. I honestly didn’t believe I could find anything new that I hadn’t already loved. Well, I did. I was introduced to the Yeti tumblers/ramblers by a few people I know and the salesperson at the Academy Sports Store.

Since the moment I bought these beauties, I have been IN LOVE. Seriously. I haven’t loved a drink apparatus this much, ever. Let me tell you why they are perfect for Disney…..Read on.

The Yeti

Firstly, let me say I am soooo not getting paid to endorse this product. I paid full price for mine just like ya’ll do. I just love them that much. You’ll see why once you try it.

Why the Yeti? This is a tumbler that I swear is infused with pure magic. It is a vacuum insulated tumbler/bottle that keeps ice cold than should be humanly possible. I was looking for something to keep water cold at Disney, well I got it. In room temperature, I have found ice to stay formed for over 16 hours. This means cold water for you all the time. Seriously!

Which one to Choose

I have both the bottle and the tumbler. I recommend using a bottle for Disney trips since it has a screw on lid and can be placed in any bag or carrier without spilling. The tumblers are great too, but I recommend them for only indoor use. I’m going to tell you a few more details here about the two I have and what I recommend them for.

The Rambler Tumbler

YETI® Rambler 30 oz. Tumbler with Lid

Pictured above is the 30oz rambler tumbler. This comes with a clear plastic lid. The lid has a hole in it for sipping and this certainly can’t be turned upside down without spillage. It does keep ice frozen but I find it doesn’t keep ice frozen as long as the bottle. Even despite that, it does a darn good job and better than any other I have found.

Where would this help you at Disney? Let me tell you:

  • Staying at a hotel and you want to keep ice cold coming from the ice machine
  • Lounging by the pool and you want a constant cold drink
  • Staying at a hotel in the room at night, and want a cold drink all the time
  • Road trips – keeps your ice cold and fits easily in your cup holder.

Non Disney Uses:

  • GREAT for the office. It doesn’t sweat and it keeps your drink COLD.
  • Also great for commutes. In addition to keeping stuff cold, it keeps hot drinks hot.
  • Great for around the house use. Keeps your drink fresh and cold all day.

The Rambler Bottle

YETI® Rambler 18 oz. Bottle

This guy is my absolute favorite. I use this tumbler every day, no fail. I keep only water in it so I don’t have to wash it often. I will often fill this bad boy up with ice before I leave work and wake up the next MORNING to find it still there.

I love this one because it has a screw on lid and can be haphazardly thrown in bags. This is what makes it perfect for Disney. Anyone who has visited the parks in the summer knows how dehydrated you can get (easily at that) and how water never stays cool in Florida weather for more than an hour.

Yeti fixed all that for me. I simply put ice water in this tumbler, throw it in my bag and I have a cold drink whenever I want. If I run out of water, I simply ask for Ice water from any counter service and fill up my tumbler again. Cycle of cold water repeats itself over and over.

Why it’s great for Day Trips

So, here’s what I love to do with the rambler bottle….

  • Fill it up with ice (mostly) and water and throw it in my park bag. I sip on it through the day and refill as needed at counter service (free).
  • I take this to work, pool, beach, wherever.
  • Even if it’s scorching outside, the inside of this is cool. It keeps everything cold. You could even refill with water fountain water if you still have ice left from the morning.
  • I fill it up for the hotel room. I leave mostly ice in it with water mixed in. I sip on it throughout the day and night.
  • You can also fill this with ice water at the food courts inside the resorts. This is a great alternative to buying the soda mugs AND a great way to refill with water before heading to the parks.
  • As seen in the picture above, I use these at the pool. Fill it with ice water and you’re good for hours, even in direct sun.

My previous favorite bottle was the Brita filter bottle. I am a convert now. I’ll risk my water tasting a little different for the cold temperature I get from this but not the Birta.

Why it’s great for ANY trip

This bottle is so versatile, rugged, and easy, that it would be good for any stay, anywhere. Use it in the following ways:

  • At the beach for constant hydration
  • At any hotel to keep ice cold overnight (it melts in the ice bucket!)
  • Anywhere you want to go, even in the heat, to have a sip of water
  • On car trips where you may leave your car in the sun for hours. The bottle may be hot on the outside, but ice cold inside.

As ya’ll can tell, I love this bottle. It gets my stamp of approval! Have you fallen in love with the Yeti yet?

BONUS: To help you guys, out, I’ve linked one of my favorite sites, Amazon below. This is the actual Yeti I’m using in my picture! Link here: YETI Rambler Bottle – 18


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