Disney’s All Star Music Suites

How to Enjoy a Multi-Family Stay at Disney’s All Star Music Suites!

allstar movies suite

I recently did my first stay at the family suites in the All Star Music resort at Walt Disney World. It was an interesting experience for a couple of reasons.

  1. I have never stayed at all All Star Resort before and never stayed in any of disney’s family suites.
  2. We were staying with another family – same suite.

So based on this, I have some information and short review to give you if you’re instead in splitting the cost of a stay with another family by using one of these suites! Read on for more!

The Room

So the room is a suite, as mentioned before. Disney has suites in two resorts as of now, Art of Animation and All Star Music.

This doesn’t count any villas in the DVC arena. Those could also easily accommodate multiple families.

What makes the value suites different? Price. The villas typically run pretty high and the suites are very affordable. What’s better? Sharing them and splitting the price.

The room itself features two bathrooms, one bedroom, one living area, and a kitchenette.

  • Kitchenette

    • I call the kitchen a ‘kitchenette’ for a reason. You can’t really cook there. There is no oven, stove top, or any of the items most of us would need to cook with. there is a sink, small fridge, and microwave. This makes it good for doing easy microwaveable meals or storing sandwiches for a light lunch.
  • Bathrooms

    • There are two bathrooms, each with a tub and commode in a room with a closing/locking door. There is a vanity with sink in an open area outside of the main bathroom. This is covered by a curtain. This is similar to how other value resorts are with the bathroom area.
  • Bedroom

    • The bedroom has  a queen bed, two bedside tables, a desk, a tv, and a chair. This area would sleep only as many as could fit in one queen bed.
  • Living Area

    • The living area featuers a couch, an ottoman, and a chair that all fold out into beds – easily. So, this room could sleep up to 3 adults and a child.

The Price

So as an actual, real-life example, I looked up the price of the all star music resort for the week of July 10th – 16th.

These are the current prices:

Room Amenities Price per Night
Standard 2 double beds 157
Preferred Same as standard but closer to amenities 173
Family Suite Sleeps up to 6 adults 313
  • The Savings

So, as you can see, the rooms are around double the price of a standard. So, lets say you’re staying with another family. You COULD get two rooms for around the same price, total. However, if you get the suite, you have the added benefits of the kitchenette and more room to lounge in while not in the parks. Also, here’s the kicker (and what made me stay here), say you get a great room discount…..think AP holder, DVC, or Florida Resident……..you can book on that discount and then split the cost with others to really save money.

  • The Worth

A situation where the suite is definitely worth it is when you have a big family. You have separate sleeping areas for each section of the family (kids vs adults) and some privacy with the bedroom.

The Resort

This is resort is pretty typical of a Disney value resort. Imagine this…. Over-sized icons dotting the landscape, motel style rooms, large amounts of people and huge pools. None of this is bad, it’s just typical disney fare for Value resorts.

I typically stay at Pop Century since it is newer. I do still prefer this resort simply because the food court is bigger, the resort is newer, and the transportation system seems to be less crazy. However, if I needed a suite, I would pick this place in a heartbeart.

Art of Animation does have suites and is the newest value resort on property. However, those are more expensive; so, given the choice, I’d probably pick this resort over Art of Animation simply because I enjoy the suites and wouldn’t want to pay that much extra for a newer room.

The Experience with Multiple Families

Here’s my favorite part of this post – telling you how to make the most of this room with a multiple family (or a single for that matter).

We stayed with our best friends. We don’t live together, so staying together in a single room is something we haven’t done yet.

We had a total of 5 people in the suite over a weekend. It was 4 adults and one 3 year old. We split the accommodations like this:

  • Two adults and one toddler: Living area with fold out beds
  • Two adults and no child: the bedroom

The two adults with a child folded out the couch and single chair and slept on those. The ottoman folds out to a bed as well, but we didn’t even need it.

The other two adults (myself and husband) took the innermost, bedroom. Each of us had a bathroom of our own and a shared kitchenette.

We lived and vacationed very well in this room. I was worried it would be too small for all of us, but it wasn’t. We were able to all sleep soundly without waking up when someone from the other family would move around. We were able to all get ready at one time with two bathrooms. It was a very comfortable way to stay at Disney, overall.

My Advice

This advice is coming from the woman without a child, so keep that in mind. The only thing I would do different is bring a tension rod and curtain with us next time. Why? There is no door or curtain separating you from the other family (or the rest of your family). The room has a door but there is no way to maintain privacy for whomever is staying in the living area.

For one contiguous family, this may not be an issue. But say you have a teen who likes privacy, this would be a good solution for them as well.

I would put the curtain in the area starred in the picture. This is the doorway between living space 1 and living space 2. This would be EXTREMELY helpful for two families staying the same suite. With this in place, the family staying in the living area could keep the curtain closed when they need privacy, thus signaling those in the room to avoid that area until it’s opened.

allstar movies suite

You can also see the kitchenette in this picture as well as the two bathroom doorways, one to the immediate right and one to the far right.

Overall Summary

The all star music suites have affordable, big, comfortable suites for families or multiple parties traveling together. This is a great way to save money and have a fun vacation with others. I do recommend bringing an extra tension rod and curtain with you for extra privacy.

I loved my stay here. Let me know what you love about All star Music!

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