Walt Disney World Ferrytale Wishes Cruise: A Review


Ferrytale wishes cruise fireworks

Photopass picture from Cruise in February

Disney special events………oh how many there are! Many of these revolve around food and a special experience for just a few people. They cost money……extra money. Are they worth it? I hope to answer that question for you here regarding this particular experience. Read on!

What is it?

This is an a -la- carte disney experience at an extra price. This particular one boards you on the General Joe Potter (disney ferry boat used at the TTC), sails you out to the middle of Seven Seas Lagoon and grants you pristine viewing of Wishes! at the Magic Kingdom. Since this is a hard ticketed event, it is a limited number of people per night. It is also good to note that admission to magic kingdom is NOT included in the price.

How much is it?

This is 99 dollars per adult and 69 for children (ages 3-9).

What do I get?

For the 99 dollars per person, you get the following:

  • free photopass pictures from the cruise (see above for an example of such a photo)
  • glow necklace and cup
  • souvenir plate and pin
  • open bar with select drinks (beer, wine, alcoholic punch)
  • coffee
  • desserts from the disney resorts. Around seven different varieties of desserts are offered

Why should one do this?

Here are a few reasons I see for booking this:

  • It’s a special occasion
  • You have some extra money to spend for a premier experience and want to see the fireworks from a GREAT spot.
  • You want a special experience for the whole family where you can make some great memories
  • You really want to see the fireworks from a premier spot
  • You love open bar and desserts
  • You want a fun, one of a kind, only-disney-can-provide experience
  • You are tired of fighting the crowd in order to see the fireworks clearly

How do I reserve this?

You can reserve this on the Disney website. This is how I booked it. You can also call the number listed: (407) 939-3463.

Here’s the website for booking: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/magic-kingdom/ferrytale-wishes-dessert-cruise/

Do I recommend it?

Yes, for certain people. I LOVED this experience but wouldn’t pay to do it for every vacation. Here’s my recommendations:

  • Do it for a special occasion. Birthday, anniversary, etc…. It’s way to expensive to do every trip
  • Go only if you can take advantage of all that’s included in the price. For adults this means food, alcohol, and perhaps coffee. For children, it means eating the desserts provided.
  • Do this if you have family/children who want to see the fireworks without feeling so claustrophobic or disturbed by the crazy amount of people around you. The one really awesome thing about this experience is it’s limited to only a limited number of people.

If i do this, do you have any recommendations for a ‘best’ experience?

Yes! Make sure you get your money’s worth or as close to it as possible. This means doing the following:

  • Eat as many desserts as you want – they are unlimited and yummy
  • Take advantage of open bar – you paid for it. I recommend sticking with wine or beer as the mixed drinks seemed weak.
  • Drink the coffee – it’s the wonderful Joffrey’s coffee served everywhere on property
  • Take photopass pictures – they are INCLUDED in your package AND they can capture some awesome pictures with the fireworks in the background
  • Have so much fun!
  • Show up early

Are the any lower cost Alternatives

Though not quite as cool, watching the fireworks from atop the Contemporary while inside the California Grill is pretty close. There’s no open bar, no free desserts, but it does provide great viewing for the fireworks away from the throngs of people on main street.

You can also watch fireworks in a less-crowded area from the Poly or the Grand Floridian.

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