Don’t Miss it! Pangani Forest Trail at Animal Kingdom


There are several attractions at Disney World which garner little attention but are pure gold. The Pangani forest trail is one of those attractions. You won’t find any fastpass lines here, nobody breaking in line for the attraction, and you may not even hear much about it. I will tell you that this type of attraction is the heart of what Animal Kingdom is – Animals. The walking trails are a wonderful way to see animals you would most likely never see otherwise. So, let’s dive into what you’ll find on the trail!

The Attraction

This is a walking trail (similar to a Zoo) through animal exhibits. It’s located in Africa right beside the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. In fact, the way I found out about this for the first time was while we were on the ride.

This attraction does not have the option for fastpass, and is never very crowded. There is another trail in Asia that is also great but has different animals. That trail in Asia is called the Maharajah trail.

When to go

I recommend you do this attraction in between other structured fastpasses or meals. This is something you can do at your own pace and thus you can make it longer or shorter depending on your time constraints.

The Animals

What will you see here? Meerkats, gorillas, birds, fish, reptiles, okapi, and more! Keep scrolling to see some examples of awesome animals!

Learn Something

There are cast members all along the trail to inform you on the animals, their habits, interesting facts about the animals, and general animal knowledge. They know all about the exhibits and we learn quite a bit from them. You can ask them questions and they’ll be more than happy to answer you.


You can see an infant gorilla above. So cute! There is a piece of glass between you and the gorillas. 


Adult gorilla, waking from a napIMG_3070

Meerkats! Honesty, the trail is worth it just to see the meerkats. You get to observe them doing normal Meerkat behaviors and playing around with each other. IMG_3069

Meerkats at playIMG_3068

Just like Meerkat manor, but better.IMG_3067

Can you tell I love Meerkats? IMG_3065 IMG_3064  IMG_3063

Last Meerkat picture, I promise. The lookout meerkat. Essential to meerkat life. IMG_3062

Birds and their nests in the bird section of the trail. IMG_3061

Ducks/birds on the trailIMG_3060

Okapi – up close and personalIMG_3059

No zoom lens here folks!


Will you be visiting Pangani trail next time you’re at Animal Kingdom? I will!

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