Planning Is Half The Fun! Disney Playlists To Get You In The ‘Mood’

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Planning Is Half The Fun! Disney Playlists To Get You In The ‘Mood’

If you’re like me, you have two modes:

  1. On a Disney Trip
  2. Planning a Disney Trip

Therefore, planning is part of the fun! I absolutely love reading the Dis boards (my favorite Disney message boards) for inspiration, listening to podcasts about disney, and listening to Disney music. Of course, I also love planning our days. I love all this so much, I formed my own Etsy site around all this! Today I want to focus on one particular piece of this – the playlist. I love my Disney playlist and listen to it when I’m planning away for inspiration. Keep reading for the Playlist!

Like many of you, I use Spotify for my music. I do use Spotify premium so that I can listen on my mobile devices and listen online; however, the great thing about Spotify is that anyone can use it free! I’m providing the link to my public playlist below so that any of you guys can listen. If you didn’t have premium, there is a chance some of the songs may be grayed out, but for premium users, they should have access to all the tracks.

Courtney’s Disney Parks Music Playlist


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