How to tour the parks: Anatomy of a Park Bag

anatomy of a park bag pin

How to Pack your Park Bag Like a Pro!

Ever wondered what exactly you need to bring into the parks with you? Want to make sure you have everything you need but aren’t weighed down? Well, have no fear, I have a solution for you. As a frequent visitor of the parks, I have this down to a science. I have an infographic for you to make this even easier within the post. I must add that this is mainly for younger folks and single/married people without children. If you have children, you will need to bring extra items for their needs either:

  1. On their stroller
  2. In their diaper bag/backpack and place on their rented stroller


Without further ado, here’s the list!

Starting from the top left corner and working clockwise, the bulleted list is below:


  • Backpack: You need a good backpack! We like the swiss gear backpack pictured; it’s actually the EXACT backpack we use. It’s nice a comfy with gel straps but rugged and large enough to hold everything. I recommend a bag that has these qualities and preferably one with lots of pockets for easy organization.

Disney Specific

  • Disney Lanyard: if you’re into pin trading, you’ll want to have a lanyard handy with tradeable pins on it. We always have ours with us just in case!
    • What I own: I have a Standard issue Disney lanyard that I purchased at the World of Disney store at Downtown Disney.
  • Pins for Trading: I recommend you bring extra trading pins in case you see that cast member with the pin you desperately need! I buy these online when I need them.
  • Brita Bottle: I love the brita bottle. I have a separate post just about how great these bottles are. I prefer the hard sided bottles. The filter is contained in the straw and the water is filtered as you sip. We fill these up at the water fountains and the water tastes great with the bottle. This is a great way to save money on drinks and stay hydrated.
  • Wallet: Inevitably, you’ll need to spend money at Disney. Perhaps you’ll need your ID to purchase an adult beverage, thus, please bring your wallet. On this note, I also recommend bringing any Disney gift cards and any discount cards you may have (such as tables in wonderland, or Annual Passes).


  • Tylenol/Motrin: Disney does provide over the counter remedies free of charge but it’s much easier to have these in your bag. There are so many times when a headache, bodyache, or other random ache can arise, so don’t let it ruin your day.
    • What I own: I carry both motrin, Excedrin, and Tylenol with me. I also typically carry zantac, pepto and any other medication I may need that day.
  • Benadryl: This is a definite must have at Disney! You’re on vacation and eating things you normally wouldn’t, around all the bugs of florida, and sleeping in unfamiliar beds. Benadryl can make life much more bearable when you get bitten by mosquitos at the park or, God forbid, you’re exposed to something you are knowingly allergic to.
    • What I own: I carry both a large bottle of Benadryl and my Epi Pen since I have known allergies. I do however take the Benadryl for random ‘itchies’ in the park.
  • Dramamine: If anyone in your group gets motion sickness but still wants to ride everything, bring this with you! There’s original Dramamine and the non-drowsy Dramamine. I prefer the original (yellow stuff). I feel it’s a bit stronger and works better. I would bring this even if you’re unsure if you have someone in your group that suffers from motion sickness…………………just in case!
    • What I own: I carry the original Dramamine with me (yellow bottle pictured). I do suffer from motion sickness on some of the more intense rides (rock n’ roller coaster, star tours, space mountain) and the Dramamine keeps me feeling okay.
  • RX Medications: Very important! This is something that would cause you to go back to the room/car and the goal is to stay in the park until your next scheduled break. Remember to bring any RX medication that you may even possibly need during the day. You want everyone’s health to be kept at a high priority, so don’t forget this.
    • What I own: I have some chronic medical conditions so I bring my migraine medications to the parks – always! My husband has arthritis, so we always bring his pain medications and knee braces with us. So, most of these medications aren’t scheduled medications for us but they are medications we are prescribed but may need at the park, so we bring them.
  • Wet ones Wipes/Purell: Disney is a breeding ground for germs. I try to make sure to wash my hands a lot there but sometimes the lines for the bathrooms are outrageous even to wash your hands. Plus, sometimes you just want clean hands on the go. A good solution is the instant hand sanitizers. I definitely recommend bringing this with you to keep your family from getting sick on vacation.
    • What I own: I bring the wet ones individual towelettes pictured. I like these the most because they actually wipe the dirt off your hands as opposed to sanitizing on top of the dirt. Plus the smell isn’t super strong like some of the gel sanitizers are. These are hard to find so I order them on Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand and Face Wipes Singles, 24-Count (Pack of 5)


  • Cell Phone: The cell phone is a must have with My Magic Plus! If you want to know when your next fast pass is, book dining, change a time, or basically do anything with your reservations, you need your cell phone! That is, unless you want to stand in that kiosk line!
    • What I own: I use an android phone and use the My Disney experience app for all my Disney touring plans.
  • Power Bank: These are very handy to have for the reason listed above. When you’re using your phone to check times, make reservations, fast pass plus times, and texting the family to see what’s going on, you’re going to run that battery to a screeching halt! Any power bank will do, but I prefer the one pictured. It’s kinda pricey but it’s worth every penny! This baby will charge your dead phone to full power. In addition, the battery pack itself recharges via solar power!
  • Magic Bands: At Walt Disney World Orlando, you either need a ticket or a magic band to get in the gates. Resort guests and annual pass members have magic bands sent/given to them. Day guests can purchase them. If you have one, bring it with you!
    • What I own: I have quite a few magic bands from previous resort stays and a few limited edition bands bought at the parks. You can buy them online at the Disney store as well prior to arrival at this link:  Note that you DO need a ticket to link to the band – the 12 dollar band is NOT your ticket into the parks – it MUST be linked to a valid ticket.
  • Camera: Cell phone cameras are sufficient and cool, but if you really want great pictures, make sure to bring a separate camera. I have a few different cameras that I bring for different types of visits. The DSLR comes to the park on special event days such as flower and garden or Christmas. I have a waterproof camera that goes to the waterparks with me, and finally, I have a selfie type camera that goes everywhere else. I have links to my cameras below:

The Elements

  • SPF: Everyone needs SPF at Disney, even in the summer. The sun is always shining down on you, so bringing SPF is always a wise plan. I recommend the waterproof/sweat proof kind since that tends to happen at the parks.
  • Poncho: I always bring at least two ponchos in my park bag every day – one for me and one for the husband. I recommend bringing one poncho per person in your party. Sound expensive? It’s not. I buy the Emergency, disposable ponchos. These are less than a dollar a piece and can easily be used in Orlando’s daily thunderstorms which occur during the spring/summer. You use them and then throw them away when the storm is over!
    • What I own: You can either buy the ponchos at the dollar store, Target, or Amazon. I like the coleman emergency ponchos pictured.
  • Hat: Hats are great for blocking that sun that takes forever to set! Bring one or a visor!
    • What I own: I bring a Visor with me.
  • Hoodie: This is an item you need in the winter only. During the winter/fall months, it’s shorts weather during the day but cold at night. Dressing in layers is your best bet, so bringing a hoodie with you is a good idea. This also keeps you from buying a sweatshirt at the Disney stores.
  • Chapstick: I always need chapstick at the parks! Dry weather in the winter months and dehydration in the summer can lead to uncomfortable cracked lips, so bring your favorite chapstick if you’re like me and can’t live without it!
  • Sunglasses: A good pair of sunglasses are a must! The sun can be brutal! I prefer a nice sturdy pair, so I wear ray bans.
    • What I own: I wear ray ban aviators like the pair pictured. I prefer polarized lenses.
  • Ziploc bags: These are a ‘nice to have’ that I typically use to put electronics in when going on water rides for protection. These are also good for storing small items. If you’re going to a water park, make sure to bring large bags, I prefer the grocery store bags for this.

anatomy of a park bag graphic

Anatomy of a park bag

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