Planning for Disney: Disney Basics Part Two – Choosing a Disney Resort

Disney Basics

Second post in the disney basics series! This one is on how to choose a Disney resort! I have another two free printables for you guys with this one as well. I’ve divided out all the different types of resorts with the benefits, costs, and amenities of each. Keep reading for more…..

Below I have images and links to the PDF printables of the image (on google drive). I have categorized each type of resort and listed the price range, about and amenities. The chart really speaks for itself so I don’t really have much to say other than the following:

  • I always prefer to stay on site, and we typically stay in value resorts. These resorts aren’t as nice as the deluxe or moderate but they are plenty for us! They are wonderful, do NOT underestimate them!
  • We have bought into DVC. I encourage ‘frequent fliers’ to talk to a DVC representative about the program because it can save you money over the long term and allows you to stay in deluxe for a moderate price. Our home resort is the Grand Floridian.
  • If you do want to stay deluxe but want to save money, I encourage you to do so during value season. We stayed for a week in the Grand Floridian during value season for a GREAT deal. I must say that though it was a higher price than our value stays, it was the most luxurious, wonderful stay in my life. It was absolutely dreamy!

Deluxe to Moderate

Disney Resorts, Deluxe and Moderate Chart

Disney Resorts, Deluxe and Moderate Chart

Value and Villa

Disney Resorts, Value and Villas

Disney Resorts, Value and Villas

Free Printables

Link to Printable 1:

Link to Printable 2:

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