Planning for Disney: Disney Basics Part One

Disney Basics

This is part of a new series I’m calling Disney Basics. These posts are for the Disney newbies. I’m starting from the very beginning here. Basically, you’ve decided you want to go to Disney. Now what? I’m taking you step by step in the process. This post is about the first two decisions you’ll need to make, dates and if you’ll stay on or offsite…..

First Decision

The first decision you’ll need to make is when to go. For many this isn’t flexible. You are forced to go during certain dates depending on when you are allowed to go on vacation for work. If you are allowed to be flexible, here are a few things I’d keep in mind:

  • Disney’s Seasons: They have differently priced seasons. Value season is the cheapest and tends to be when the children are in school. The highest priced seasons are during Christmas/new years and spring break.
  • Special events: Disney hosts special events such as Epcot’s food and wine, star wars weekends, and Epcot’s flower and garden at different times of the year. If you want to visit at one of these times, you’ll need to plan accordingly. The list of special event times can be found at disney’s website.

Second Decision

The second decision you’ll need to make is where you will stay. From a budget stand point, this may be the second most important choice you make (secondary to the season and it’s pricing). I have a chart I’ve composed below with the benefits and draw backs of both staying on site and off site. Typically it’s more expensive to stay on site but it’s more worth it, in my opinion. Personally, I will ALWAYS stay on site, ALWAYS. It’s just worth it to me. If we don’t have much to spend, we go with the value resorts and are totally happy with that! Value resorts have a very reasonable price tag and are wonderful. After you stay on site, you just don’t want to stay off site again. Disney just spoils you too much! That’s my preference! 🙂

Disney onsite Vs. Offsite Chart

Disney onsite Vs. Offsite Chart

Free Printable

I have a free printable for ya’ll at the following link:

It includes the chart you see above. Feel free to use and print!

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