How Birthdays are Done at Disney: The Pixie Dust Comes Out Flying

Desserts at Disney Restaurants for Birthday

Desserts at Disney Restaurants for Birthday

Birthday Treats at Walt Disney World From Various On Site Restaurants – California Grill/Le Cellier/Mama Melrose/Le Chefs De France

How Disney Does Birthdays

So, Since I just came off of a birthday trip to The Happiest Place on earth, I figured I would post some little known information about celebrating birthdays at Disney World. Read on if you’d like to know OR see pictures of food porn…….

Step One:Visit Disney On Your Birthday

Disney loves to celebrate with you! I encourage people to visit Disney on any celebration if you REALLY want to feel special. I’ve gone on birthday, anniversary, etc…. In all honestly, they will let you celebrate anything! If you really want to feel the extra special touch, and magic on your next special occasion, visit disney at that time. What else is cool about this? Normally, you only get to celebrate your birthday on the day of your birthday. Not at Disney! You celebrate for the entire trip. It’s the longest, greatest birthday ever. Even for an adult, it’s the best.

Step Two: Let Guest Services Know It’s Your Birthday

All you have to do is let guest services know you’re visiting for a special occasion and they will do the rest for you! If you are booking a magic your way package, you can let them know on the booking what you are celebrating. They should have your special buttons there when you arrive at your room. If you don’t have a Magic Your Way Package, You just need to let Guest services know. There are two things I  would reccomend.

  1. Stop by any guest services location at the beginning of your vacation to let them know it’s your birthday. It only takes a minute for this to be given to you and it’s so worth it! There are guest services locations at each park.
  2. Let Disney Dining know you are celebrating something on your vacation. Tell them you’re celebrating someone’s birthday. They will make sure your dinner is special.

Step Three: Let The Pixie Dust Flow

While wearing my birthday button around the parks, I was wished happy birthday so many times, I stopped counting! It was so awesome and it did really feel magical. Every time we ate at a Disney restaurant, they had something special waiting for us.  Below is a picture of what California Grill did with our table – a very magical surprise for me. Many people even addressed me as ‘princess’ when wishing me ‘Happy Birthday.’ I have to say, it made me feel so special, I want to go to Disney for every single birthday!

California Grill Table Decor

California Grill Birthday Confetti

California Grill Mickey Confetti Waiting on me At my Table

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