Free Disney Printable for Baby

Unfortunately this post comes as a result of having a baby with multiple ear infections/colic since birth. I created this really cute, fun, printable to help me keep track of what medications she was due and which she was given. Keep reading for the free download!

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Sams VS Aldi Price List


Another money saving post on my Disney blog? Why? Saving money on something else allows you to add to your Disney fund! I have compiled a list of common household items and the prices at both Sam’s club and Aldi. Surprisingly, Aldi was smacked down on some items. Giving you this list allows you to determine where you want to shop for these items.

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Free Disney Printable Word Art


Free Disney Printable

Free Disney Printable

Got a nice short post for you all today but one I hope everyone will enjoy – free printables!!! I made this one on PicMonkey – one of my favorite sites for editing and creating images.

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Disney Pregnancy Annoucements


So, I am now a pregnant Disney addict and we announced our pregnancy at Disney – of course! So I wanted to share my announcement in case you’re in need of ideas.

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FREE Shopping List Printable

aldi price list

So, I recently posted about how much I love Aldi and how it saves me so much money! This is the main way I save money on our spending to have more in our pockets for a Disney trip. In addition to the price list, I recently posted, I wanted to offer a free shopping list printable I have made just for the store. Read on for more!

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FREE Aldi Price List

aldi price list

So I know what you’re thinking – this isn’t a Disney post?!? No, it isn’t but it relates. You have to save money to be able to go on vacation, right? The easiest way to save money, if you ask me, is by shopping at Aldi! Their prices are the best, the food is high quality, and the shop is small which saves you time! Read on for more and the list!

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FuelRod at Disney World

fuel rod

Don’t know if you guys have heard yet but Disney has a new way to keep your devices charged. It’s called Fuelrod and it’s the BEST 30 dollars you’ll ever spend at Walt Disney World! Read on for more info!

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Disney Guidebook Free Preview!

comp listing 1

Many of you probably got here via my Etsy store, while others may have been searching for some guidance on Disney Planning.

Well, I create Disney Planners for Etsy and have gone way over the top for this last revision. I have created a 100+ page Disney Planning Guidebook that takes you through Disney Planning Start to Finish. I have a free preview here which shows you what is included and the structure of the book. Interested in buying? Visit this link to go to my Etsy store!

Remember, the preview stops at page 11 but the planner is over 111 pages! if you want the whole guidebook, it’s available on my etsy site!

Here’s a link to the Preview!

Disney Planning Handbook Free Preview

Thanks Ya’ll!!

Yeti Rambler Bottle

Essential Disney Gear: The Yeti Rambler

Yeti Rambler Cooler

Yeti Rambler

I love talking about Gadgets, gear, and items that make Disney more enjoyable. I honestly didn’t believe I could find anything new that I hadn’t already loved. Well, I did. I was introduced to the Yeti tumblers/ramblers by a few people I know and the salesperson at the Academy Sports Store.

Since the moment I bought these beauties, I have been IN LOVE. Seriously. I haven’t loved a drink apparatus this much, ever. Let me tell you why they are perfect for Disney…..Read on.

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